Top Chef Challenge

I watch Top Chef with some regularity.  I consider it the emminence gris of reality televsion.  Chefs, at the top of their game, fighting like snow leopards on top of a mountain for their very survival.  What lessons can we learn from them, and carry over into BJJ?  Here’s just a few:

Knives make things intersting.  Perhaps in the middle of a match, the ref can throw a simple kitchen knife on the mat, just to spice things up (pun intended.)

Competition brings out the iron reserve in some. It’s interesting to see someone wilt like a hot house rose in the heat of the moment.  All the bullshit and bravado fades away, and you’re left either on the top spot, or with your dick in your hand wondering what just happened.

Teamwork only gets you so far. Being able to play well with others is a skill that should be valued.  But this is America, Jack.  Fuck up my bernaise sauce, or stand in my way, I’ll cut your face. (see point 1)

Tom Coliccio is an excellent kisser. There’s just something about his round, bald head,  and soft lips that makes me think that.  I can imagine him watching me practice, as I grunt and sweat and strain.  And then he meets me afterwards, and we go to a nice italian place that’s out of the way.  We share a few bottles of wine, talk shit on Eric Rippert, and go back to my place for a night cap.  All the while, I keep thinking of of his lips, and his strong hands. 

So, anyone else have anything to add to this discussion? Has tv taught you anything?


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