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Biting in BJJ. Yes Please.

Should biting be allowed in Jiu Jitsu?  Of course.  You’re not a moron and realize that the rules should be changed to allow for biting.  Effective midnight, May 1, 2013, the following rules go into effect regarding biting at all IBJJF tournaments:

  • Athletes may bite the following areas on the opponent’s body without penalty: fingers, toes, hair/head; nose; throat; butt cheeks; inner thighs; forearms; and stomach.
  • Any bite to the above areas is a legal submission attempt and any match ended through biting will be considered a victory.
  • If an athlete draws blood through biting but does not achieve a submission, an advantage will be awarded to the biter.
  • Any brown or black belts submitting to a bite attack will be ritualistically consumed by the referee and table crew. The heart shall be preserved and offered as sacrifice to ensure next year’s crops and fertility of the women.
  • Biting to the neck is allowable only if the following conditions are met:  the bite appears to a playful nibble; there is chemistry between the two opponents; small laughs and/or breathy sighs are emitted from the defending party.  The referee reserves the right to allow love to be made on the mat post tournament.
  • When two opponents achieve mutual biting positions and no progress is made the referee reserves the right to assess each opponent  a lack of aggression warning.
  • Any person competing who is deemed by IBJJF tournament as “having the hunger” and craving the taste of flesh will be summarily disqualified.

So there you have it! Have fun and be safe.

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Generic self centered post #23

I got a new job, and I’m pretty excited to start. My old job, which I’m leaving on Tuesday, drapes me in a rich and luxurious cloak of despair. But I’m moving to a start up company, and shit is about to get real. I plan on working a lot more, and training a lot less, and that was really stressing me out, inordinately so. To the point where I couldn’t sleep. So last night I got shit faced and had an epiphany: I tend to turn the things I like to do into obligations, and then I wind up not wanting to do them any more, because they feel like obligations.

It doesn’t help that I’m task oriented, in the worst way possible, meaning that I see activities as things to conquer and then move on from. It’s all part of the very Anglo-Saxon colonize/exploit/destroy/leave mind frame. I’m constantly worried that if I do not put my time in, I won’t “beat” Jiu Jitsu, Obviously you can’t really beat something that is part of a never ending continuum of learning and growing. But somehow I made it my task and my obligation to go to class and improve, where it should be more a gentle goal; a nice glowing light in the horizon to walk towards. Know what I’m saying?

There is no end goal. I’m not stabbing my way through a hallway past trained assassins to win a million dollars. I’m not in a pie eating contest. I can’t “win” in the traditional sense. Which makes me feel a lot better about myself, and my training.

OH! I ALMOST FORGOT. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT. My new job is at 3rd Ward Philly. It’s a great coworking and skills development space for all people. Check it out at I’d love to see you there.



Let’s Get Motivated!

Do you remember that one time that you got really fucked up and had to spend the night at your buddy’s house? And do you remember that moment when you came to, and had no idea where you were, or how you got there?

That has basically been my life since September. Sort of just not really paying attention to shit. Not training hard, not writing (at least not on this blog) and couldn’t really give a poop about work.

Another universal flashback. Do you remember those two years you spent living in your mom’s basement, smoking weed and watching Star Trek Deep Space 9? And then one day your step dad Rick came down and told you that if you didn’t shape up you had to leave? You went out and got that part time job at the dry cleaners and things really started to turn around for you.

I need to be Rick. I need to be my own step dad. I will become Rick. And I will tell myself that although I love me, my current situation is not ideal, and would a little effort hurt me?

So I promise to try harder, train more, write about bjj more, and take a more “give a shit” attitude in my life.

Thanks Rick. Even though you never existed, I love you Bruh. Treat my Mom right, you son of a bitch.